Here are the steps I took to connect with a Rotary near me.

Olivia Speaks 4-H

  1. A good place to start is for the County 4-H Supervisor to select gold seal winners from past presentation days as potential candidates to be presenters at Rotary clubs.
  2. Next, research local Rotary clubs in your area. Use the Club Finder link here.  Olivia's Tip: Ask 4-H club members in your county if they know any Rotarians. I knew Rotary members in my town, so getting an appointment to make a presentation was easier. You  may have to contact and make presentations to several clubs in order to get enough volunteers.
  3. Once a 4-H presenter has been chosen, the County supervisor, a community leader or the presenter, should contact the presidents of the Rotary clubs that have been identified. Explain the purpose of the presentation and ask to set a date when the 4-H member can make the presentation to the club. 
  4. Now it's time to prepare for the presentation. You will want the presentation to be brief, concise and persuasive.
  5. The speech: You can download my speech below to get some ideas.  It's important to be familiar with your speech so you can be convincing and showcase your public speaking skills. It's best to memorize it, but note cards are acceptable as long as you make good eye contact with the audience if you use them.  
  6.  A PowerPoint or presentation boards are always useful as a visual aid. You can download a sample PowerPoint below. If using a PowerPoint, make sure  to test the technology before making your presentation. Technology failures make you look unprepared. 
  7. Wear your complete 4-H uniform: whites, hat, scarf/tie and all. Make sure it is clean and pressed and your hair is neatly combed.              
  8. Speak with confidence!
  9. When you are finished, you can distribute an information sheet for Rotary members to take with them. You can download a sample information sheet below. 
  10. Finally, pass around a signup list or leave one with the club president. You can download a sample signup list below.
  11. If you didn't get any signups the day of your presentation, followup with the president. Be polite but persistent in your followups. 

Once you have volunteers signed up, here are some steps to follow for a successful presentation day:

  1. Train your evaluators.  To view California's online evaluator training session click here. Check with your state extension office to see if similar training is available for your state. It is also a good idea to have evaluators review the Presentation Manual for your state. To view the California 4-H Presentation Manual click here  
  2. Meet with evaluators on the morning of presentation day for a brief training session. 
  3. If presentation day will last into the afternoon, plan on providing lunch. 
  4. Send thank you notes to each evaluator and ask for feedback on their experience. You will learn a great deal about how to retain evaluators by asking for their input and responding to it.

FINAL NOTE: Ask to be placed on annual calendar for the Rotary club where you located volunteers. This way, when they establish their annual club calendar, they will have your presentation day on their radar.